DHL ... If you need international express delivery, this abbreviation first come to mind. More than one generation of people grew up on it. The company has existed since 1969. Now it is a giant logistics company that delivers goods to more than 220 countries around the world. We know that many countries trust the services and quality of  DHL's work, that's why we choose this company as our express delivery partner 'door-to-door'. Delivery to most countries takes about 1-3 working days, but there are remote territories, islands where it takes longer to deliver the goods.

DHL Express - how it works:

- you place an order on our website
- choose DHL delivery
- after order settlement, we will send you a link with your order number and already on the DHL website you can track the status of delivery of your parcel
- the cost of our goods already includes the cost of customs clearance
- the delivery cost of items is not included in the price of the goods, it is calculated depending on the weight of the parcel and your country. You will see the delivery price immediately when placing an order.

Purchase beautiful things for your home in ARGOCRAFTS store, opt DHL delivery and enjoy the parcel!