Here are the examples of ready works of matryoshka. The photos belong to 'Shatura Art Group' which makes your orders for you.



                                                     MATRYOSHKA WITH YOUR OWN DESIGN

In our store you may not only choose a ready-made nesting doll, but also order a matryoshka with your own sketch, with your photo. This can be a great idea for, say, a birthday. The largest matryoshka is the current age, the smaller one is for example your wedding, even smaller is the student years, even less is the school pupil, the smallest is you are the baby. And as if the years are vanishing. Matryoshka might become an excellent time machine, from our childhood, to our current age.
Matryoshka dolls are made on the basis of the photos you sent. Since the artist is not personally acquainted with you, we ask you to send photos of good quality. The better the photo - the more impressive the effect.
You can describe the size of the main matryoshka, how many pieces of dolls in the matryoshka you want to have, what they should be, in what clothes, in what style, era. You also need to discuss the back of the matryoshka. It can be photos of cities, landscapes, countries, inscriptions, nature, whatever. The price for making order for  matryoshka dolls is negotiated separately.
In the same way, you can order a matryoshka doll for your favorite animals, movie characters, athletes, actors, artists, politicians, friends, etc.
It is possible to make a tumbler doll in the form of a matryoshka.
There are two options:
1. You send all the requested data, photographs and the master makes a matryoshka according to your requirements. We send the finished matryoshka to you.
2. You not only send all the data, but we also discuss in detail the sketch, every little thing. Only after your full approval of the final sketch, we make a matryoshka doll. Then we send it to you.
Option 1 is cheaper than 2. It costs about 3-5 times more than just buying a ready-made nesting doll of the same size.
Option 2 is more expensive, since every detail is negotiated with the customer.

Few words about the history of Russian nesting dolls:
At the end of the 19th century, the wife of the famous Russian philanthropist Savva Mamontov- Elizaveta visited Japan. There she acquired a wooden doll containing several dolls representing the 7 Gods of happiness. The Mamontovs lived in Abramtsevo, not far from Sergiev Posad, the center of the Russian Orthodox Church (1.5 hour driving from Moscow). It was in Sergiev Posad that Russian master V. Zvezdochkin made the first Russian nesting doll based on the idea of ​​a Japanese analogue based on sketches by the talented artist S. Malyutin. The Russian version was called "matryoshka", since the female name Matryona was very popular among the people at that time. Such a name promised prosperity in the house, order, health and many children.
Thus began the triumphal procession of the matryoshka around the world, and it was the Russian version of the painted nesting doll that conquered the whole world. Special thanks to Elizaveta Mamontova for helping to create a fashion for the "Russian style" in Europe 'a la Russe' in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Well, we will try to be worthy of our ancestors and will offer you, our customers, only the best of Russian folk crafts.