Ratibor – sounds surprisingly for a company, producing jam, isn't it? There was such a Russian hero.

The name itself evokes something strong, formidable, mighty, ancient.

The Russian production company "Ratibor" began its activity in 1996, when mainly Russian people either did not see anything on Russian store counters, or there were mainly imported products. "The roaring 90s" - this is how Russians call this era in the period after ‘Perestroika’ and until the beginning of the 2000s. And in this troubled time, the Ratibor company was opened in the Tver region (Russia), where the land is rich in its gifts: ruby ​​cranberries, black blueberries, fragrant raspberries, selected currants, marsh lingonberries. It is in the Tver region that century-old pines grow, the great Volga River originates, and the Seliger Lake of glacial origin is located.

Step by step, the company gained momentum and now the products of the ‘Ratibor’ company are widely represented in Russia. The company also takes part in international food exhibitions, for example, in Germany. The company does not add any flavors, preservatives or colors to its products. Berries and fruits are used only of a new harvest or carefully frozen.

Now the company produces not only preserves, jams and mashed berries with sugar, but also vegetable sauces and sweet syrups.


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