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                                       RUSSIAN IVAN TEA


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For a long time in Russia people drank tea from a samovar. There was no tea from India or China then. Russia had its own analogue of tea - a Russian drink made from flowers and leaves of fireweed. This plant is better known as Ivan tea.

Due to its amazing properties, the drink turned out to be not only tasty, but also extremely useful for health.

Our ancestors enhanced the healing effect by adding various other herbs and berries to Ivan tea.

When Europe tasted Russian tea, she very quickly appreciated its merits for its unique content.

It contains 3.5 times more vitamin C than lemon. In 100 g of leaves, its content reaches 200-400 mg.

Ivan tea is rich in B vitamins, which remain in it even after brewing. In addition, there are tannins - up to 20 %, a large amount of flavonoids, mucus and pectins. Therefore, it is also a powerful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent.

For these characteristics, it surpasses many medicinal herbs. Therefore, this product was exported from Russia

(before the 1917 revolution) to Europe in huge batches.

Ivan tea is a plant with a long history. The first information about it was found in ancient Russian manuscripts.

It turns out that people drank it even during the construction of Moscow (and that was in 1147).

The plant is mentioned in the description of the events of 1241, when Prince Alexander Nevsky fought with the German crusaders in the town of Koporye, near Veliky Novgorod. Its inhabitants not only brewed and drank Ivan-tea, but also prepared powder on its basis, which they sprinkled on wounds. The drink itself was already considered healing in those days, so it was offered to soldiers after battles. Subsequently, it was Koporye that became the main supplier of Ivan-tea

for the whole country. It happened in the XIII century. Therefore, one should not be surprised at the second name

of the drink - "Koporsky tea". In the 19th century, Alexander I himself issued licenses for the supply of Ivan tea

to England. Although at that time Great Britain had its own East India company engaged in the sale and production

of Asian tea, the British preferred the Russian "Koporsky" drink to it. It was believed that it was Ivan tea which gave

a person strength and protected against various diseases. Therefore, England bought it from Russia in tons. Ivan-tea fell in love not only with the inhabitants of Great Britain, they drank it all over the world. And every year the drink gained more and more popularity. This continued until Koporye tea began to seriously compete with the East India Company. When it dawned on its owners that the market was occupied by Russian tea, active steps were taken. In 1917, a socialist revolution took place in Russia. Unfortunately, Soviet leaders were very dependent on Western money, so everything was done so that Ivan Tea would no longer enter the world market.

Unfortunately, the Bolsheviks liquidated tea production in Koporye itself. Now, therefore, few people know that until 1916 every resident of Russia drank every day not ordinary black tea, but Ivan tea.

Before the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, when a real threat of war arose before the USSR, the Soviet leadership decided that it would be good to somehow improve the health of the country's population. Therefore, it was decided

to revive the research base in Koporye. By the decree of L. Beria, then Deputy Chairman of the Councils of People's Commissars, they began to produce Ivan tea again and sell it in pharmacies.

German intelligence knew about this research base. In German documents, the base appeared under the name

"river of life". An interesting fact is that in the summer of 1941, the commander of the "North" group, Field Marshal

von Leeb, gave the order to destroy the base in Koporye. The soldiers had to make a big detour to find the laboratory, destroy it and its employees. The historian Alexander Seregin writes about this amazing fact: "Enemy troops during

the Second World War demolished Koporye with their tanks, trampled the fields of Ivan-tea with tracks, destroyed

all laboratories, destroyed scientists who were studying this plant." To eliminate production in Koporye, German troops even thwarted the Barbarossa plan.

Seregin writes: “Ivan tea surpassed all known forms of food in terms of its benefits. It contains amazing substances

that are similar in effect to alkaloids, but they do not make you drunk, but raise your spirits and clarify

your consciousness". During the war, the German occult organization "Ahnenerbe" also developed the unique properties of Ivan tea to create a "superman".

Studying history, one comes to understand why Ivan-tea was erased from the life of Russians, why its second

name "Koporsky tea" was forgotten.

Now we are honoured to present you Ivan-tea from the Trading House "Russian Tea" from the Vologda region of Russia. The company was established in 2007. Has its own grounds for growing Ivan tea. The collection is done manually.

Old Russian recipes have been revived.

Remember, Russian Ivan-tea, unlike ordinary black tea, does not contain such negative elements as oxalic acid,

purine bases and caffeine.

Briefly about the health benefits of Ivan-tea:

 • Assists in the normalization of digestion and metabolism, improves all types of metabolic processes, especially lipid

and carbohydrate;

• Possesses powerful antiphlogistic and antiseptic properties, is effective as a curative and prophylactic drug in the general scheme of treatment of infections and inflammations. In this matter, the leaves and flowers of this herb are significantly superior to such powerful natural antiseptics as familiar to everyone as willow bark, oak bark and bear ears.

This specific effect of the plant is associated with the content of flavonoids, tannins, carotenoids, vitamin C, organic acids, triterpenoids, trace elements;

• Prolongs the active life of the male body, maintaining and improving the function of the "second heart" - the prostate gland. In addition, the state of male health in general improves significantly: it increases potency, normalizes erectile function. It is not for nothing that Ivan-tea is called a “male” herb;

• For women: successfully helps in the treatment of cystitis and thrush

 • Has a mild diuretic effect, normalizes water and electrolyte balance, while lowering blood pressure;

• Thanks to the magnesium, B vitamins, flavonoids included in fireweed, it is an effective non-synthetic hypnotic

and sedative, normalizes psycho-emotional state (reduces nervousness, excitability, relieves headaches, normalizes

night rest);

• Since the composition of Ivan-tea contains tannins, mucus, pectins, etc., it is able to improve and restore the activity

of the digestive system, eliminating constipation, heartburn, and dysbiosis. This is achieved through enveloping,

anti-inflammatory and reparative action;

• Due to the presence of organic acids in Koporye tea, in combination with magnesium and flavonoids, a choleretic

effect is manifested;

• Acts on viruses and resists allergies;

• Reparative (ie wound healing) effect is achieved due to the presence in the herb of such elements as chlorophyll,

tanning mixtures, carotenoids, which accelerate the granulation and epithelization of lesions on the skin;

• The gradual analgesic effect of Ivan-tea is due to the alkaloids, mucus, flavonoids, magnesium present in the flowers

and leaves;

• Has lactating qualities, prolonging breastfeeding and thereby improving the health of babies;

• Flavonoids and pectins of Ivan-tea leaves are natural adsorbents and cleanse the body of toxic elements;

• Endocrine organs work harmoniously and more efficiently;

• The herb has especially gained success as an anticancer agent due to the antioxidant action of hangrol and

other antioxidants - carotenoids, flavonoids, tannins, copper, organic acids, manganese, vitamin C, magnesium.

During scientific research, it was found that the narrow-leaved fireweed contains low-toxic and high-molecular substances that show "interest" in relation to cancer cells;

• Slows down early skin aging, making it elastic and firm. All this thanks to substances that stimulate the natural processes of collagen synthesis (phytosterols, vitamin C, flavonoids, carotenoids, organic acids and copper).

Drink Russian Ivan-tea and be healthy!

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